Earthflower Spirituality


How does one interpret signs ?

Well, signs are actually everywhere, it is only that we are not accustomed to look at them, as we mostly flow from mind.

When flowing from heart, one sees signs everywhere.

It is like one is alice walking in its own wonderland by witnessing the various “sign posts” one cay say that the universe grands us.

As a gesture to keep moving forward.

As one flows from heart, ones outward will be synchronized with this seeing.

Because one is no longer believing in the thoughts of the mind anymore but flowing through presence, which only knows now.

So if one asks the universe for a sign into which way to go, the signs usually comes right away.

Sometimes even immediately.

If one is looking through the eyes of awareness, one can notice these signs instantly.

Signs comes through whichever means it needs to come.

Signs are heavenly and in synchronicity to the life experience one is currently having.

So it can come through a program one might be watching, as a name, idea or explanation.

It can come through as one is walking or driving in a car on a building, again as a name or concept.

It can come through a poem, quote or piece of writing.

It can come as feathers or coins which says yes, you are on the right path.

It can come through a spontaneous message, which can come from friends, families or even strangers.

It can come as a repetitive idea.

It can come through a meme.

It can come through a name.

It can come through night dreams.

It can come through one of those yogi tea messages, as they are truly ones sign.

It can come through a picture.

It can come through a song or numbers.

It can come through a flower, a tree, a plant or animal.

All of these signs signifies the answers to your questions, your true heart desires.

The universe is always working on your behalf, it wants one to notice these signs, as it wants all to grow and to keep moving forward.

So if you feel from your heart this was a sign, do not let mind take this from you, you are not making it up, just feel your sign and let it move you.

Signs are everywhere you just got to open the eyes of your heart to clearly see them.

As this one, this is your sign.

I love you.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namasté🙏


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