Earthflower Spirituality

Just be💙

Living life in the present moment.

Completely emerged within consciousness.

The first thing that one learns is that everything is a gift.

One gives up their personal sense of rights.

As what right do I have, I am an expression of the divine, and life truly knows best.

As so the only right I have is to trust life.

One surrenders itself to grace.

It says yes to life.

As life is consciousness itself.

Even when the life tests comes, as the universe wants to see how we react and act, one remains in peace, faith and trust in life.

As life tests us to let us see how we are expanding and growing, if we understood the deeper meaning behind the experiences, and if inward transformation is still needed.

If we say I am all for love, peace and oneness.

The universe will surely test you at one moment in time, to see if one has fully grasp the meaning of true love.

It will test the souls who are ready to be tested.

So look through the eyes of love.

See the many gifts that life grands us.

It is a gift to have food to eat, it is a gift to have water to drink, water to shower, it is a gift to have a house and a bed to sleep on, it is a gift to have eyes to see, feet to walk, senses to experience, it is a gift to be learning and growing, and it is a gift to have people that care.

It is a gift to be alive.

The sense of vulnerability completely vanishes, as presence has no need to be vulnerable, as it is life itself.

It accepts life as it is.

It is grateful for life.

It is thankful to life.

You are life.

Just be.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namasté🙏

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