Earthflower Spirituality

Thank you life🙏

I have never experienced this in my entire life, that my body has not much energy.

Most days I feel so tired.

16 moves within 2 years.

Since the new year started I have moved 3 times.

The beautiful thing is that life really takes care of life.

As always three days or so before I need to move, someone asks me if I wish to stay at their place.

Universe takes care of its child.

But in the midst of this big change and transformation, I am so tired, I am not eating much and my body is exhausted and I have some pain in the body, even after yoga.

Yet spirit within is neutral and content.

It is like the end of a phase, and I am so thankful but ready to move forward into the new.

Here is my everyday thankful prayer. 

Thank you god for taking care of me.

Thank you for all the lessons that I needed to go through.

Thank you for your protection, guiding me and showing me the way.

Thank you for the people you send me that has helped me.

Thank you for the food you give me to nourish my body.

Thank you for all that I have.

Thank you for the house I am borrowing.

Thank you for the bed I am sleeping on.

Thank you for filling me with your love, trust, patience, faith, wisdom, courage and grace.

Thank you for never leaving me alone.

Thank you for all.

I love you.


Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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