Earthflower Spirituality


The path of a dreamer.

An Alchemist.

Alchemy is one of the most courageous paths.

As one follows ones true heart desires.

As for me it is my dream of writing a book, creating my own healing retreat and environmentalist community.

Earthflower Yogi website is the creation of my own book, it is only the universe who needs to grand me a publisher.

The retreat will be a permaculture farm that offers herbalism, shamanic rituals, alchemy, jnanayoga, bhaktiyoga, karmayoga, asanas, dance, art, music and amazing food, surrounded in nature.

The Earthflower Movement will be an environmental community which focuses on reforestation and bringing awareness to the various environmental and social causes.

Earthflower Herbs is a new door that I am entering, which is my passion with herbs.

This has been my dream for so many years now.

I chose the path of a gypsy/entrepreneur to create this beautiful brand called Earthflower.

The first branch was Earthflower Yoga, the second branch was Earthflower Yogi, the third branch is Earthflower Movement, now a new birth is flourishing through Earthflower Herbs.

Within an amazing soul connection we will create this beautiful Earthflower brand that connects the entire flower of life.

Many times, other people do not respect entrepreneurs as we don’t have the money yet, but this is the path of envisioning, manifesting, creating and growing, and it takes time to create things that will last long term.

These beings are doing so much to make their dreams come true.

So the respect may not be seen in the financial aspect, but the respect is given within their courage, self believe, faith, trust, patience, determination and strong dedication these souls have on their true heart desires.

So dreamers I see you, I love you, keep dreaming.

We are within grace’s flow.

All will come into fruition in the universe own divine timing.

All is Well.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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