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My social media accounts💛

During a meditation over 2 years ago, I had visions and I saw my soul purpose clearly and I felt that maybe my writing could help bring healing into others lives.

I was before very private about my life, I would never say a word to anyone about my pain and sufferings, I would keep it all in.

So I opened my Instagram account publicly about 2 years ago.

My facebook account boomed miraculously by itself last year, it even reached the max in friends request, of which I accepted mostly all.

I never promoted myself, as I never had money for this and also I always felt let life naturally unfold as it wishes.

Itself will bring you the people and one will be able to touch lives.

On my facebook, like I have said I have reached the max, so I only post on that page, because their are too many friends and they post all day long, so it can get a bit noisy for me, as I am an empath.

Also, I don’t like Television, I haven’t watched Tv in 3 years, again to noisy for me, so I only watch youtube, I choose what I want to watch.

My Instagram account, is publicly opened, and my life is an open book, as all that I write are my own life experiences.

So here I choose to only befriend the ones that I really feel or have a connection with, or things I vibe with in this now.

I am not befriending all because I want to really see how my friends are doing on my feed.

During my transition from person to presence lots of old friends or even family, that I haven’t felt a connection with anymore, as one never hears from these souls.

No phone calls, no whatsapp, no messages, not even a photo like nor comment, and these things I can clearly see and feel now.

So I let go of many.

As for me is not about having a “1000 friends”

For me is about living life synchronized within my own truth.

Where harmony, love, peace and oneness reigns, not the illusion of separation.

As true soul connections is the dance of giving and receiving.

It is the bliss of light.

It is the love of the inner recognition that we are One. 

No matter what, I love you all.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

2 thoughts on “My social media accounts💛

  1. you are an amazing woman and I found you at the best time ever. We have a lot in common which I find rare that i have anything in common with most. thank you, I will be following you! peace, love and light


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