Earthflower Spirituality

Let it be🙏

I started to write since I was a child in my diaries, as I could never speak my truth in front of others.

I was so shy, quiet and timid, so I wrote a lot, I had many diaries throughout my childhood, than I suddenly stopped.

I started to write back in my early 20’s but only darkness came out of me.

So I stopped.

It was 2 years ago that I started to write again this time through my own inner discoveries within the life experiences I was going through.

Beautiful insights and revelations ons came through mostly poetry.

But as I continue the writing became much in depth.

As a means to maybe help others that are going through the same experiences that I went through. In the beginning I got lots of great encouragement from the social media world, but also some critics.

People called me names of all kinds, some even wrote long messages of hatred, and none of these people I knew personally.

These were total strangers who took their time to write hatred and mean words.

Now because I wasn’t that strong within myself and I am empathic, I cried a lot over some of these comments and messages.

Even though, my family and friends told me don’t worry about these people.

I still felt sad.

As I had insecurities with my own self, so life was sending me these teachers to let me see what needed to transform from within me.

It was until my own self discovery, that we are all love, but everyone is projecting their own inner thoughts and it is you that chooses how to react.

This inner discovery gave me total liberation, as now when I read a message of a critic, I remain as the awareness, not identified, not attached.

As Love.



This is the power of consciousness.

The grace of awareness.

As so all remains well.

Let it be.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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