Earthflower Spirituality

I am grateful🙏

Now that I have wandered for 2 years, many inner realizations came.

The best one for me is that I have truly discovered that less is more.

I have also discovered the art of self sustainable living.

As before I was the girl that would know the fashion trend by heart, my nick name was fashionista for a while.

I even went to fashion school for 6 months in my early 20’s, I studied fashion design, but never finished.

As always during the lectures I would secretly hate on the ridiculous fashion prices, also the teachers who would continually bash on my projects.

However great lessons came out of this experience of both fashion school as living as a nomad.

Living life as a nomad made me see that I do not need all those clothes that I used to buy every month when a new fashion trend got in, as I was always within these magazines brainwashing myself to these extra needs.

Now, as I am wandering for 2 years, my bags becomes lesser every time and I can give things or throw things away much easier.

I eat when I need to, meaning only when I am hungry.

In my new now.

I see a life of gardening and creating my own food and medicine, so these gifts that nature provides us than becomes my allies.

I see a life of creating my own sustainable clothing, as sowing is not that difficult so why not.

I see a life of living amongst nature and befriending all of nature, as nature is my lover.

I see a life of building and creating my own sustainable home, as I have lived life as a nomad, I now see the beauty and warmth of a home and family.

Life is magical that’s what I see.

Life is a blessing that’s what I see.

All is possible that’s what I see.

God is good that’s what I see.

I am grateful.

Elaine Prince💛 Om-Namasté🙏

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