Earthflower Spirituality

Say yes to life💚

Nobody has complete free will in their lives.

If that was so, we would all be living in palaces and have only positive experiences, right ?

Life is naturally and spontaneously unfolding as it should.

All is destined for our consciousness awakening.

The person wants to believe it has total autonomy, yet this is not true.

The only force that has total autonomy is the source, the creator of life.

The one that brought you here and the one that will take you home.

As when one goes to bed at night, one does not think about free will, safety nor breathing.

One closes ones eyes and let life be.

As source is taking care of one at that moment also.

Source decides which dreams it wants one to have.

Source decides if one wakes up the next day or not.

Source decides what experiences it wants one to have.

Source decides who one will meet or not.

All is decided by source.

Source unfolds life as it wishes.

One is the awareness, as the participant of this unfolding.

The only free will that we all have, is how we interpret life and react on life.

To have a grateful and thankful heart or not.

To say yes or no to life.

This free will choice of seeing life as an enemy or a friend is the greatest weapon that we have.

As the way that one feels within themselves, is the way life will be interpret outwardly.

It’s that simple.

Be empty of all thoughts that limits your liberation.

Accept life as it.

You are life.

You are eternal spirit.

Choose love.

Choose peace

Choose freedom.

Choose faith.

Choose trust.

Choose consciousness.

Choose truth.

Choose now.

This way your life will flow in total harmony.

All is within you.


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