Earthflower Poetry

I am emerged💙

I am the absolute self.

An endless space.

The sound of Aum, is the sound of existence.

All is born out of Aum.

The space.

The spirit.

The time.

The plane.

The dimension.

The stars.

The galaxies.

The planets.

The sun.

The moon.

The forms.

The thoughts.

The senses.

The emotions.

The experiences.

The objected world.


All of which is unfolding from within me, which is this vast space of consciousness.

I am able to see all, as nothing can ever overtake me.

As I am the manifested play and also beyond the manifested play.

As the un-manifested.

The eyes that sees all, but that can never be seen.

As source, spirit and form.

I am emerged.

As One.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namasté🙏

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