Earthflower Spirituality

Sharing wisdom, is love❤️

Sharing wisdom is Love.

A soul who chooses an enlightenment path, not only awakens itself but also helps to awaken other souls.

As Awakening brings so much inner wisdom and peace.

As one empties all human concepts, personalities, identities, thoughts, ideas, believes from within one self, one has space for universal intelligence to work through ones form.

As one transforms into consciousness itself.

This is only by letting go of all the preprogrammed notions and conditions that was placed in us as we grew up.

Because a soul is born completely empty, it is during our evolution on earth is when we start creating an identity and role.

But we are born innocent, open, content, neutral and without a name.

An awaken being is this, as it has returned to its original and true nature, the nature of soul, which is consciousness.

Now, for a person who is attached to its identity, it is sometimes difficult for it to let go of its person, but for some beings who are done suffering it is a quite simple and fast decision.

As one awakens, ones own original, raw and authentic experiences that awakened one can be shared to other beings who have experienced the similar.

As for all beings your awakening can help to shed light on earth.

As one is flowing through consciousness one flows within the cosmic intelligence, whatever that will be shared, will be done spontaneously in the most opportune moment, which connects to the natural flow and unfolding of the universal cosmos.

So the message that will be shared, will be done precisely when it is needed, and it will be heard to the exact person or audience that is needing this msg and will understand this message.

Synchronized with life.

It is so beautiful and magical the flow of consciousness.

Awaken yourself to your own inner wisdom, light and magical self.

I love you.


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