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We are our own healers✨

How did I know that consciousness wanted to express itself within my form through healing ?

Well, it was over 6 years ago through meditation, I got vivid divine visions of me healing people, animals, plants, water, food, paint and objects.

I saw another divine vision of a group of beings that reincarnated on earth to help healing with plants and reforestation and other group of beings that are here to help reawaken others, as human beings have forgotten their true essence, which is consciousness.

That we are consciousness expressing an earthly life.

I also started to get repetitive dreams of healing the people closest to me.

I dreamt that when others were sick, I could instantly heal them with a finger touch, and I used to get these dreams everyday.

Also, I dreamt that I was swimming with dolphins and mermaids, now these mystical beings are healers themselves, so they show up in dreams to remind one that ones path is of healing.

So I started to practice reiki on family, friends, animals, water, food and objects (car motor) and it magically worked.

As I also did past life regression, in my previous lifetime I saw that I was a hippie who lived in San Fransisco and I was a poet, so in this now my writing comes as a form to help others heal.

So all these insights and revelations, transformed me to where I am now.

Consciousness is us, so we are all our own healers.

It is very natural to give another healing light, this divine light does not come at all from the person who is giving the light, rather through grace itself who uses ones form as a divine channeler, so both beings are being cleansed and rejuvenated at the same time, it’s a beautiful, divine and magical ritual.

One has to only believe I am this light in order to tap into ones own universal power.

Just place your hand on whatever, say grace I ask for you to channel your divine light through me and imagine light coming through the palm of your hands, your hands might become warm and tingling sensations might be felt.

There are many books and youtube videos on how to practice reiki.

So what are you waiting for, start practicing today.

You are Magic.

Elaine Prince✨Om-Namasté🙏💚


One thought on “We are our own healers✨

  1. Haven’t been practicing as am practicing other things -With the energy coming out of my fingers – I have continued energy coming through my fingers and palms – I can feel it – How does one heal Themselves ?? I have asked the divine to heal certain areas in my body however no joy – I’ve help relief pain of another person just by asking that my friend be assisted in overcoming his pain without touch and it instantly helped him – Are you able to help ?

    By the way has it got something to do with the posture the women is doing in your image – Arms / Palms raised up ??


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