Earthflower Spirituality

Old Souls💜

An old soul.

A being that has the most lives reincarnated on the various planes.

Through my own inner discoveries, via past life regression, I discovered that my soul is ancient.

I saw lifetimes on Atlantis, other planets, a star planet, and also some lives on earth.

My soul does not have many reincarnated lives on earth, as other beings on earth.

However, I have seen some previous lifetimes on earth which are connected to this lifetime of mine.

This gave me immense awakening, as our previous lifetimes are karmic connected to the one we are experiencing right now. 

When one sees a previous lifetime this can bring understanding and help heal ones current path. 

Old souls have only a few friends, they are the wise souls.

This wisdom derives from their many reincarnated lifetimes within the various planes and planets.

This soul carries ancient wisdom.

They enjoy solitude, so they are mostly alone, old souls does not live the “normal society lives”, rather they choose the road less traveled.

As they have traveled the society path many times within their previous lifetimes.

Usually young souls does not vibe with the old souls, as they find the old soul, too old.

But the Mature souls are interested in learning and growing from the old souls.

If one wants to know if one has a young, mature or old soul, I suggest past life regressions.

We are One.

Elaine Prince💜Om-Namasté🙏


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