Earthflower Spirituality

Eye see You👁

I remember growing up.

I used to hear this sentence a lot when I did something that wasn’t a “good behavior”. 

“The truth hurts”

I never understood that, as it made me believe that I was those untruths.

Through my teacher Mooji’s pointings I have changed this language, and I say the untruth must burn, so truth will remain.

Meaning a negative habit, behavior or personality is not our truth.

As I have discovered that all of which is negative, is our untruths.

As it derives from the ego mind, which is not us.

I remember during my beginning stage of awakening, I used to visit lots of lightworker’s and healers, and they used to tell me go cleanse, you need to cleanse, its the marihuana, its the tattoos, some even told me, I can’t see you, your energy is too dark.

During that time, all these rejections made me feel so bad about my self, and it made me feel worst than I felt.

Now, in this now what this has taught me is that a true lightworker or healer that has discovered their true nature would never say your too dark, in the contrary, they will show you that you are light and that the darkness is apart of who you are.

As I have discovered this inner truth, I use my darkness in my writings, as a mirror of how it can be transformed into light, which is what we are.

I use words of love as a way to let you see that you are already love, which is apart of all negative and low vibration.

This is being raw, authentic and truth.

As I know that your true self is already here, as you.

I see you.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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