Earthflower Spirituality

Dream big❤️

Never ever lower your standards in life.

If you have a dream, go for your dream.

Don’t worry how big it is.

Dream big !

It is only the mind that will say, this is never going to happen, you are not gifted, you don’t have the financial means, you don’t have time, you’re too old, or too young, you are not ready, you are not intelligent enough.

Ignore all negative thoughts, avoid haters, skeptics and naysayers.

Keep seeing the end result.

Envision that only.

Surround yourself with other dreamers.

They will support and uplift you, as you them.

Practice patience, trust and faith.

And NEVER back down from you true dreams, your true heart desires.

All will come in its own divine timing.

Put God at the front of your path and let it guide you.

The universe has your back ALWAYS.

Be the dreamer.

Dream, manifest and create !

I love you.

Elaine Prince❤️Om-Namasté🙏


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