Earthflower Spirituality

A Consciousness Revolution✌🏻️

All that I write are my own life experiences and my own inner discoveries, things that brought liberation within myself.

As I am mostly alone, I take pictures via my cellphone by filming myself and afterwards I take a snapshot.

Some of the pictures gives me inspiration and it turns into these insights that consciousness wishes to express itself through.

I also love to express myself through body movements with music.

This is my own artistry, and I enjoy it.

I love to write about consciousness and discovering our true nature.

It comes out as poems,quotes and writings, and very naturally and easily out of me.

As maybe the words can help another soul that is going through the same experience of which I went through, as we are all the same.

I call it, A Consciousness Revolution.

My inner discoveries came through going within myself for over 5 years.

The darkness that I have transformed I honor.

As for me in the greater picture there is nothing wrong with duality, as it is also consciousness, however a limited version, yet it is through duality that one is able find the atman within, which is our true non-dual selves.

I have experienced the duality sense of life and now I am within this new consciousness play of oneness.

Since my path changed within, many sees me different, and I don’t mind, as I am free.

I am all for love and peace on earth, as ego has created so much war within and without.

I honor my new path.

I love you all.

I recognize all as one.

We are One.

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