Earthflower Spirituality

Move through your heart💛

The psychical bloody heart is not really home.

Yet when seeing at life beyond matter it is.

The body and it functions are part of this lila, which is a name for this consciousness play.

But as we know, as science has also proven, matter does not really exist, it is only seen as matter through the psychical human eyes.

As for example, some animals see auras, so very much different than normal human eyes.

When ones consciousness starts to expand, ones consciousness super powers also will, one becomes ones own healer and psychic.

Ones third eye starts to expand as well.

One will discover that matter can only be seen through the psychical eyes.

Yet spirit which is consciousness energy, which is the vast space that can be felt at the very center of our human heart, is endless and eternal.

One will start to see auras, maybe see or hear, spirits, angels, fairies, and leprechauns. 

As they all part of this lila.

That is why love, peace, grace, freedom, oneness, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, gratitude, is felt at the very center of our hearts.

As this space of the heart is your eternal self.

Move through your heart.

I love you.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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