Earthflower Spirituality

From person to presence🌸

As one crosses over from personhood to presence, life becomes graceful.

As when living life in a state of person, life becomes very complex.

You start finding enemies where there were none.

As person always identifies personally, it starts to find contradictions, differences and challenges and it takes all so seriously.

Like life is out to get me.

Like it is me against the world.

When one is consciousness the sense, I am, is consciousness.

Not I am this body, this name, mind, these possessions, my life experiences and this situation.

In the state of presence one becomes the natural observer of life.

One observes more and actions and reactions becomes less, even though actions and reactions may occur spontaneously when needed.

Things that were a fact becomes more fiction.

Life is seen as an unfolding movie.

One has a deep sense at all times, I am only observing this, I am not a participant in them directly, as one is the awareness.

As the person is always active and involved, confused, trying to get out of a situation, trying to get in another situation.

Which is a very complex, and aggressive field.

But as one discovers one is just an expression of consciousness, as consciousness itself, a greater space opens up, more lightness, more relaxed, content, neutral  and a higher seeing takes place.

Here life is experienced with a greater joy.

As presence🌸

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