Earthflower Spirituality

Flow through now💚

I remember I had this thought, I wish I could forget everything.

As my mind was making me crazy.

Until the day I met my master Mooji.

In one of his pointings he explained, that it is oneself that identifies with its thoughts.

That a past memory can resurface, but it is only one who puts attention to a memory and makes it come alive in the present moment.

That a memory itself does not have any power, but the attention has grander power.

That awareness gives power to this.

This gave me so much space, to know, I am not my thoughts.

Now, because of our habit with identifying with thoughts or sensations, we create a conversation with our minds and we dwell into the mind, not even noticing, we become an identified person.

All within our minds, talking with our ego.

As mind has a voice of its own, as low vibrational thoughts.

Its weapon is our past painful experiences, the ones that created fear and doubt in us.

As its priority is to keep one bound, not connected with heart, where freedom, peace, oneness and love reigns.

Ego thoughts always creates, doubts, resistance, fears and confusions.

Mind says, you are not ready, remember what happened last time, you will get hurt again, and because we identify with the past, the awareness says, yes you are right, and a dialogue will start into why more you are not deserving.

Sensations that pertains to a certain thought or memory will arise.

The thing is, nobody taught us the power of now and our own awareness.

That wherever attention goes awareness goes.

Awareness is our essence.

This power is ours, to give or not to give attention to thoughts or sensations.

As they cannot exist without you, only when you believe in them, then will they become your experience.

This how we keep reliving the same karmic experiences, through mind identifications.

Yet, we can always say, it is just a thought or sensation and remain in the fresh now as presence, unidentified.

Remain as awareness, do not identify, and witness how all thoughts and sensations comes and goes, just like clouds, but awareness always stays in tact, as you are apart of these.

You are beyond Powerful.

Flow through the now, here clarity arises.

As heart.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté🙏


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