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The beauty of Yoga💚

The beauty of yoga.

Yoga is the union of body, mind and soul.

It is the discovery of ones true nature.

It is becoming the master of the mind.

Asanas are the body movements, which is a branch of yoga, however not entirely yoga.

In the western world the asanas are more known, yet in India where yoga was born, their priority within yoga is to discover once true essence.

My yoga journey began with the transcendence of mind, through meditation and past life regression and later on I did my yoga teacher training.

Yoga for me is life.

Now, I want to share the difference between jnanayoga, bhaktiyoga and karmayoga, as the three of them have become me.

At first I started by practicing as an identity, now I have transformed within them through consciousness itself.

As this is the merging of mind into heart.

I started with Jnanayoga afterwards Karmayoga , and later on I played with Bhaktiyoga.

Karma yogis are really beautiful souls, fun, openminded, cheerful with great joy.

These souls work freely on the behalf of earth, as a soldier of the universe, one can say.

The Bhakti yogis, are the devotional beings, they serve all as a mirror, as a devotee to God.

These souls are bright and have so much faith and trust in the divine almighty.

Now the jnana yogis are the philosophical types, these are beings who do not believe in the concept of religion nor God, so they become seekers.

These souls are more serious, a bit cold, straightforward, direct, always taking you behind the facade of time.

Normally as one is walking the path of awakening, one does not mix the three, one chooses one to practice and goes with it.

My journey started through jnana, however, I did not know of gurus, and sadhana’s (spiritual practices) neither about jnana, bhakti nor karmayoga, all just came spontaneously to me.

Afterwards I started to dwell deeper into the practices and the names for what I was really doing came to me.

All through grace light, as life flew synchronized with my divine soul mission to discover my inner truth.

As so I discovered that life takes care of life.

Just be.


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