Earthflower Spirituality

Master plan through Ayahuasca🌿

It was during my ayahuasca experience that I met Jose.

The irony was that we spontaneously sat next to each other during the ceremony, but it turned to be a mirror set by consciousness itself.

As Jose’s presence was a great master plan.

Before my ayahuasca experience I had some difficulties with the name Jesus, because I grew up with a misunderstanding of him.

But as I was in my healing path, one day I prayed to the universe to help me with this resistance towards Jesus.

During my ayahuasca experience I was crying a lot, as all that I was hiding within my own unconscious prison came alive.

So, I asked consciousness to please teach me how to be a person again.

You see, I was experiencing deep sensations of rejections.

As I was asking, I heard a voice said “Elaine are you okay, I haven’t seen you in so long, everybody else of the ceremony group is eating, only you I haven’t seen”

The man who showed up with some hot soup was Jose.

I remember shaking as I tried to the grab the bowl of soup, but I couldn’t as I was shaking too much.

So Jose held a spoon and gave me this soup.

As I sipped the soup I became much grounded. 

We started to chat, and he said to me,” Elaine I am going to tell you a story of Yeshua” I immediately started to smile as here was my prayer being answered.

He continued with a story of the bible, of a young woman that would only walk in the sunny hours of Isreal to take water at the river for her family, Yeshua asked her once, why do you walk in the sunny hours and never at sundown with the other woman ? She replied, that whenever she does this the other woman gossip about her, make fun of her and it makes her feel really sad, Yeshua asked, do you know when these woman will not bother you anymore, the young woman said, no, when ? Yeshua replied, when you start loving yourself.

This blew my mind as all my life I was experiencing this type of rejection and here comes this mirror to show me who I am.

That love is what I am.

This experience did not only heal my relationship with God and Jesus, but it healed myself.

So I thank you my dear spiritual father Jose, who showed up as this now’s Yeshua, I love you.

-Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté🙏


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