Earthflower Spirituality

The beauty of Yin and Yang💛

Do not mind my beloved. Do care. As I see the real you. We would instantly meet in the space of emptiness. Where all illusions will be dropped. Replenished in the grace of oneness. Melted into one heart. Where freedom exhilarates our spirit. The opposite attract. The beauty of Yin and Yang. Transforming the illusion…… Continue reading The beauty of Yin and Yang💛

Earthflower Spirituality

Move through truth🙏

I used to shield my sensitivity a lot. I was hurt in the past, so I did not want to feel pain anymore. Because of being an empath, I thought that the emotions of others were my own. Through my consciousness shift, this peeling of the layers of ones untruth, peels one into a naked…… Continue reading Move through truth🙏

Earthflower Poetry

One is Life💙

The lila. The play. The maya. As soon as the game is fully understood, it becomes divine. As you let go of the falsehood of persona, the masquerade show. Ones own prison. To rebirth as consciousness. It is an inner discovery through direct experience that turns into an inner knowingness. This truth will never leave…… Continue reading One is Life💙

Earthflower Spirituality

I bow at your feet🙏

I wasn’t one for Guru’s and Masters. My mind seemed to find it ridiculous, until the day I found myself all alone. Everyone left. I felt rejected by life, I remember feeling so useless, unworthy and unloved. I was in pain and suffering a lot. It was consciousness itself that wanted me to meet Mooji,…… Continue reading I bow at your feet🙏