Earthflower Spirituality


I woke up with a flu, so I decided to listen to some bhajans (high vibrational devotional music) 

As I was listening and singing these beautiful devotional songs to our creator.

I again saw that this suffering that is being created on earth is because of our own lack of believe in the highest almighty.

I felt the tears running down my face, as I know that our true nature is of the divine, and I felt the sensations of what it feels like not to know this.

How to be lost, as I once did not know this.

I want to tell the one who is reading this, right now as we are entering a new year.

If you want to use mind and thoughts, please use your mind big, not small.

Think big of yourself, If you want to believe something about yourself.

Have this believe that I am the imperishable, but please do not use mind for small thoughts about yourself, its a waste of your precious self.

You are the pure within the impurity.

You are the imperishable within the perishable.

You are the unmoving within the moving.

You are the perfection within the imperfection.

You are the timeless appearing as time.

You are the formless within the form.

You are the light of this earth.

Know this from your heart.

You are the flow of the universe.

You are Love.

You are Life.

Do not think less of yourself, it would be a shame to your truth.

You are divine consciousness.

Be only this and let life take care of you.

The Universe has your back always.

I love you.

We are One.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté🙏

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