Earthflower Spirituality


Awareness is what you are.

The I-consciousness.

Your super powers are attention and believe.

You need not to be afraid of thoughts.

As you do not need thoughts to move in life.

As you are the magician.

The awareness chooses which thoughts it wants to use or not.

The awareness chooses if it wants to identify or not.

The awareness chooses if it wants to react and act or not.

As beyond of all that comes and goes, is the awareness that is aware of it all.

You are this Awareness, before any identity.

The I ego, which speaks out of mind habits, which you are also aware of, is not the real you.

As you are always aware of it.

You are the awareness itself, the one looking at The I-ego.

This ego is a creation out of our self belief, of who our mind makes us believe we are.

These sensations is not you.

As they are constantly changing, and you are aware of them.

Anything you are aware of, that is not consistent, is not you.

Only the awareness of which is consistent and aware of all is you.

As before all connections with any object, thoughts, sensations, concepts, theories or believes, is the I self.

The I of consciousness.

This pure I is who you are.

The consistent self.

The awareness of all.

Flow through this I.

I is also your heart.

Remain as the Awareness.

This is your truth.

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