Earthflower Poetry

Universal Being🌺

A liberated being does not belong to one single tribe.

As it has free itself from tribe mentality to a universal being.

This being welcomes all as one, as one universe.

This being can sit with all types of groups, and its soul will radiate this perfume of oneness.

As one awakens everything of which was not true will instantly drop away, only what was innocent and true remains.

This being’s heart is of pure consciousness.

It will act spontaneously within the dance of consciousness, as the dance itself.

It does not judge neither competes, as it knows all is a divine play of consciousness.

It knows deep down inside that we are all brothers and sisters, we are all one.

It will speak from consciousness to consciousness about consciousness.

It will speak from truth to truth about truth.

It knows we all are in the spotlight of consciousness.

This being is assertive, confident, intuitive, fearless, open and loving towards all.

Its mind and heart are in a constant state of non-duality.

This being eyes are the eyes of consciousness.

The true eyes of love.

This being is universal in presence.

As One.

We are all earth flowers walking each other home.



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