Earthflower Spirituality

Remain as Awareness💚

If one predicts that a period in ones life will not go smoothly, this thought believed in will become your experience.

Nobody is really able to foretell the future, it is a mystery.

But whatever we think and believe, will become our temporarily reality.

As these sensations will be felt, it is that simple.

This is how powerful thoughts believed in are.

True balance derives from within you.

In the heart of presence.

As life is naturally unfolding as it should, there is no need to put a negative stamp on life, it limits your path.

Be the unlimited sky.

When the rain, snow, thunder, or hail passes through the sky, the sky does not judge this, it does not say, oh shit, rain is here so I better put my raincap.

The sky remains as sky, unbound and limitless, as it knows rain is only possible because of its vast self.

You are this sky, do not use any limited theories, concepts, sensations, neither thoughts that comes and goes in your space, which will bound you.

As they are part of the play called life, yet temporarily, not real and not the consistent truth.

You are the consistent truth.

But ones you identify with anything less, the sensations of that will be felt.

One does not need to identify with all, one can choose to remain boundless.

Remain as the awareness, flow by heart.

Spontaneously in the present moment, in the now.

Heart has no plans that creates limitations.

It is unconditional, consistent, pure, open and free.

As I.

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