Earthflower Spirituality



It is the universe that conspires this soul connection.

It connects two beings that are perfect mirror’s.

The energies of resistance, judgements and fears that is provoked within each person is what needs to be transcended.

As a mirror does not give this to one, it was already in one.

The mirror is energetically brought by grace to show both beings something inside them.

Most of the times we do not like this, as what is being showed is something that has a deficiency within our ego and we do not want to see this.

If the mirror’s are willing and open, their dance together transforms there path.

It is not about judgement, it is about pure love.

A mirror seize the opportunity for learning and growth.

Consciousness itself creates these meetings, because if it is right for one, it is right for both, as it is never partial.

That is why if you do something that is right from your heart, it can never turn out to be wrong for another.

As it will be in harmony for all.

At first the mirror’s may not like it, but at the end mirror’s will recognize that it turned out to be what was best for both of them.

This is also why it is a blessing that we do not have full choice within life, because we would only choose the delicious parts and never the not so delicious ones, and we would not grow.

Mirror’s are consciousness own master plan.

A reflection within the eyes of each another and they are one.

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