Earthflower Spirituality

Everlasting Soul💛

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold”

One can be the richest man, yet the poorest and another can be the poorest man, yet the richest.

As true richness comes from within you.

It has to do with our own believe of what we take to be truly important in life.

I am not saying don’t be rich, I am saying don’t pursue a life of richness within accordance to a self image.

Within the expectations of society, friends and family.

We will not born to just work, show off, pay bills and die.

We are born to play, create, manifest and awaken.

Earth is a playground not a workground.

But we forgot this at some point during all the incarnations and now we take life much too seriously.

We believe that we are the actors in this game called life.

It is like you are consciousness which is also the awareness behind the tv screen playing mario kart and you selected mario as your player, which is the form, and also the actor, but now you think you are mario itself.

Now we walk around like mario, wario, luigi, princess and toad, in state of competition with one another, trying to reach the castle first.

Our own game of thrones.

We forgot that this is a divine play of consciousness.

That we are truly consciousness itself not the form chosen.

This sensation of being on top within the material world can only be temporary felt, as it is of time, and all that is of time will be consumed by time.

As time says what is yours will soon be mine.

But the one who searches for their true inner wealth, will discover their eternal soul.

This being is on top in the consciousness world.

This ones true meaning of life will embody this Inner richness, as life forever.

This soul is fearless and loves life.

It remains as the awareness not the form.

It is intuitive, intelligent, spontaneous and alive.

This being can have plenty of money but it is not enslaved by this money, it remains free.

Because it has discovered its timeless inner wealth.

Which is the wealth of the self.

Its everlasting soul.

Elaine Prince💛Om Namasté🙏


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