Earthflower Spirituality

Honor all cycles of life💚

As one detaches from the outside world to go within, the mind noises will come.

It will say, you are lazy !

You can’t stay like this.

Where is your sense of obligation.

People need you.

You will lose all your hard work.

These noises of the ego is to keep one bound on the earthly mind, as it wants to keep you separate from your true self.

I heard these voices in the beginning of my inner discovery and self care journey.

But as soon as one centers into the heart, greater forces are working for your awakening.

So ignore these voices as they are merely ego’s way to create doubt and fears within your journey.

Honor your space, honor yourself by taking good care of your body, mind and soul, honor all cycles of life.

Just flow through consciousness, let it become you.

Stay with heart, in silence, your rest and inner discovery is much needed for yourself and the outside world.


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