Earthflower Spirituality

True Relationships💙

The value of true relationships.

Something I had no clue off, as I did not know what true love was.

I have recently discovered that true love is unconditional and consistent.

Unconditional meaning without any conditions, to love one as love itself.

As true love has no conditions it is unlimited.

Consistent meaning, not letting the ego mind create any sense of separation within a relationship.

As true love is consistent, love does not change.

As I have recognized this vast love within myself, my whole perspective on life changed.

Before I was one that would accept less of what pure love is within any relationship.

In this now, my heart cannot accept anything less than pure love.

As true soul connections is the harmony of giving and receiving.

It is the dance of learning and growing.

It is the flow of the heart.

It is what we truly are, pure love.

As Love is what I am.


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