Earthflower Poetry

I honor🙏

I honor the darkness that turned into light.

I honor the ego-mind that turned into pure awareness.

I honor the mind blown that turned into presence.

I honor the doubts that turned into self realization.

I honor the mistakes that turned into life lessons.

I honor the anxieties that turned into serenity.

I honor the sufferings that turned into enlightenment.

I honor the city that turned into my ashram.

I honor the chaos that turned into quietness.

I honor the weaknesses that turned into strength.

I honor the anger that turned into love.

I honor the noises that turned into sounds.

I honor the fears that turned into freedom.

I honor the tears that turned into joy.

I honor the lacking that turned into inner richness.

I honor the loneliness that turned into solitude.

I honor the lost that turned into found.

I honor the disaster’s that turned into emptiness.

I honor the concrete jungle that turned into my forrest.

I honor the ignorance that turned into wisdom.

I honor the pride that turned into compassion.

I honor the distrust that turned into trust.

I honor the insecurities that turned into confidence.

I honor the challenges that turned into victories.

I honor the obligations that turned into being.

I honor the attachments that turned into detachments.

I honor the waiting that turned into patience.

I honor the sleep that turned into awaken.

I honor the disturbance that turned into clarity.

I honor the separation that turned into oneness.

I honor the rejections that turned into discovering my true nature.

I honor all the beings that turned into teacher’s.

I honor the life experiences that turned into liberation.

I honor the time that turned into timeless.

I honor the form that discovered the formless.

I honor the seeds that manifested into my bloom.



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