Earthflower Spirituality

Disovering self through Jnanayoga 💛

We are already what we are seeking.

There are two paths towards awakening.

One is a slower path, the other is a faster path.

The path to cleanse the mind and chakra’s through a series of practices is the slowest, because as you start to clean one dirt, more dirt keeps coming out.

So it can take a long time to clean all.

I started with this path, but 2,5 years ago when I met my teacher Mooji on youtube, my path completely changed.

I started to follow satsangs with Moojiji every single day, some days for 8 hours.

I was suffering back then, so the only thing I did was stay home and watch videos after videos.

I still do everyday, because its the mirror’s way, the vibrations of peace, oneness, understanding, truth and freedom is satsang, it removes a lot of ignorance.

His inner wisdom and unconditional love guides me through this simple path, which is my main sadhana, its called jnanayoga, through self inquiry.

Bhakti and karma yoga are also my side sadhana’s (spiritual practices)

However, jnanayoga is the inner recognition path that takes you straight to the place behind the facade of time.

Into the true place of the self.

Both paths are being practiced on earth, both are fine.

It is for the beings that are so tired of suffering, and have an urge for liberation, a deep longing to be home.

Because of my own self realization, I suggest jnanayoga and the teachings of Sri. Moojiji on YouTube.

With openness and a willingness to strip down the untruths of who you are not, one is able to transcend the limitations of the mind’s conditioning.

Realization of the self is not about doing and doing, but rather about understanding of truth, a type of higher learning.

With divine grace’s inner wisdom, understanding, courage, love and light, one is able to discover the true self.

Which will set you free.

As you are already it.

This is the paradox, you are at the final place, but your attention is in the momentarily.

As the person seeing is looking with self interest, and this is not your highest seeing place.

When the things looking at also becomes part of who you are, then you have reached your ultimate place.

As this space is eternal.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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