Earthflower Poetry

A bright light✨

A true shaman, alchemist, sage, swami, guru, high priestess, lightworker or healer has walked in the valley of the shadow of death and prevailed.

This being has transformed its own inner darkness into light.

This being took time to find the imperishable.

This being has reached home into the heart.

This being is now the true self.

This being can see the self, as the non-self which is the ego within all human beings.

This being is extremely sensitive, yet not afraid of the dark, as it now embodies the light.

It is confident, fearless and in harmony with all of life.

This being becomes the warrior of light.

This being becomes the transformer of darkness.

It chooses its battles wisely, through inner wisdom, understanding, love, oneness and grace.

This being becomes a light for earth.

A master of mind.

A soul adventurer.

A bright light.


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