Earthflower Spirituality

Love will keep us Alive❤️

Be open for love.

The one who hides and live in fear will not be able to feel love, as this fear will hide this love.

The one who lives in mind will not be able to feel presence, as this identity will hide this presence.

Only the one who is free of fear will be able to feel the pure love of consciousness.

As this one has recognized that its being itself is love.

The one who discovers that it is consciousness abides into the space truth.

Here one starts to love itself without any effort.

As it has tasted this endless love of presence, and it never wants to leave here.

As this love is so fresh, pure and delicious, it resides into this space of harmony, peace, contentment and oneness. 

It remains boundless.

In this complete inner wealth of self.

This is true self respect and self honor, to not let mind create a sense of separation within and without oneself. 

One starts to relate and act with all of life as an instrument of love, as the true self.

To keep all as whole.

This inner recognition and light will bless the earth.

Choose Love.

Love is now.

Love is new possibilities.

Love will keep us alive.

Love will set you free.

Elaine Prince❤️Om-Namasté🙏

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