Earthflower Spirituality

Let the strange things come💙

Our souls have age.

On this plane we have a range of young, mature to old souls.

Earth which is in the 3rd dimensional plane, has beings from 3rd to 6th dimensional vibrations.

Young souls are nearly born souls, mature souls have generally more lives and the old souls have the most lives experienced on the various planets.

The 3rd dimensional vibrations is the lowest on earth.

The 3rd dimension vibrations on earth is the duality experience, of the yin and the yang, good or bad, high or low, dark and light, heaven or hell, female and male.

However, our pure soul has non of these, our soul is pure consciousness, it has its own balance of love, peace, harmony, understanding, compassion, wisdom, light, joy, oneness and freedom.

All souls are born out of consciousness.

The form chosen is the one that is best for your soul purpose and soul mission, which is for your awakening in this lifetime.

Some souls have more lives on earth than others.

Meaning they have reincarnated many times on earth.

As earth is an awakening school of consciousness.

This school is very intricate but divine at the same time.

As one can experience duality and the senses in many ways on earth.

This is why we as souls chose this planet for our awakening, it is like we ourselves wanted to be challenged.

An example is, as going to school, sometimes some students may need to repeat the course because they did not fully grasp or understood the course.

This is the same with our souls, we reincarnate here to awaken our consciousness by going through a series of experiences and tests that consciousness itself throws us, in order for us to fully awaken through these experiences.

Some beings still needs more tests to awaken than others.

It has nothing to do with life being unfair, but with the level of consciousness on how that soul interpret’s life at that moment.

Only mind creates thoughts and sensations of life is unfair.

But the one who knows the truth of life, does not judge life, it just let life unfold as it wishes.

As it has discovered that this is just a spontaneous play for their expansion of consciousness and highest truth.

As so let the strange things come.

All is Well.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namasté🙏

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