Earthflower Spirituality

All paths are right💙

All paths are the right path.

The journey you are currently walking right now, is meant to be, because it is what you are experiencing right now.

As all is unfolding naturally by consciousness for our divine experience and our awakening on earth.

Consciousness is what we truly are, this eternal and endless spirit.

Various names can be used for consciousness.

Presence, stillness, spirit, space, I, now, universe, timelessness, quiteness, awareness, silence, I AM, heart, soul, being, are all different names for the same consciousness. 

Consciousness consists of pure love, light, freedom, peace, joy, grace, bliss, oneness, serenity, wisdom, compassion, contentment and harmony.

All that is love is consciousness.

Our earth life, which consists of time, unconsciousness, ego-mind, body, space, objects, sensations, thoughts and experiences, are all temporarily.

All beings are children of consciousness and earth is our temporarily awakening school.

We incarnate and reincarnate here to experience duality in order to fully awaken into our non-duality selves.

Consciousness calles this game or play, the maya, meaning the dream.

As consciousness itself is so pure, so in order for it to become un-pure it needed to dream this.

This game can become quite intense and challenging if one believes it is only person and so if one is not yet fully awaken in truth. 

As so the divine grace wants to awaken its children on this earthly path into their highest truth.

As we have forgotten that this was all just a temporarily experience, not the consistent truth.

All paths are destined and uniquely created for this awakening, as so there is not one path but endless paths.

As so no path is good or bad, all paths are divine.

The path that you are walking on is your own unique path created by consciousness itself for your own soul’s awakening.

This is the beauty of this earth life.

The creator of this play is our true cosmic parent, it knows what is best for us.

As so embrace your own unique path, as your being is an authentic student and teacher for earth.

A student of experiencing.

A teacher of awakening.

Be You.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namasté🙏

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