Earthflower Spirituality

To define, you confine🌿

To define, you confine.

We have been marked.

Called names, labeled.

Weirdo, too sensitive, obnoxious, bad, angry, wimp, selfish, naive, crazy, not capable, idiot, liar, cheater, untrustworthy, depressed, suicidal, dumb, uncreative, lazy, loser, jealous, envious, adhd.

All these horrible names, from another’s ego projection, or thoughts that are picked from our unconscious spacial vibration, has been placed on us from a young age.

Now we walk around with these illusionary mask’s believing they are us, calling them our identity or personality.

Because of many years of identifying with these names we took them as us.

Now we even embrace them and act on them like a fool.

Even in hot discussion’s we will slip these names and project them onto others.

All drama of ego, to create more duality on earth.

I am here to awaken you, so you can let go of these masks now and for all.

Yes all these thoughts which creates these sensations may have come and yes you may have acted as them, but they are not you.

They are temporarily thoughts and sensations that once you identify with and believed in, becomes your reality, and because of the habit of identifying, it can become a personality.

But these personalities only come and go, they are not consistent.

Meaning they are not 24-7.

As all thoughts and sensations are just like clouds, they come and go.

They are apart from you, as all these can be witnessed.

But your consistent soul does not have a personality, only mind creates these temporarily persona’s.

As these are merely behavioral patterns and conditions created by our upbringing and society, which becomes ones ego and self believe.

We were born completely innocent, clear and empty, not with all these poor conditions.

The only way they can continue to come play with you, is if you identify with them and believe they are you.

Once you stop this identification these thoughts and sensations will leave you alone because there is no-one identifying nor believing, neither acting them out.

Stay in the place of the observer, not as the identifier. 

Here you will discover freedom.

Here you will discover love.

Here you will discover peace.

This is your true place.

Elaine Prince🌿Om-Namasté🙏

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