Earthflower Spirituality

Empty your Space💛

Find a quiet space.

Close your eyes.

Relax completely.

This is your time to take everything out.

To empty your house.

To empty your space.

Take out the person.

Take out the concepts.

Take out the believes.

Take out the ideas.

Take out the responsibilities.

Take out the thoughts.

Take out the fantasies.

Take out the dreams.

Take out the expectations.

Take out the worries.

Take out the questions.

Take out the doubts.

Drop all the baggage.

Take everything out.

You have this power.

To find your truth now.

Leave your space completely empty.

Connect with this empty space.

Connect with consciousness.

Connect with presence.

Connect with stillness.

Connect with quietness.

Connect with I.

Remain here as your truth.

As awareness.

This space is your true self.


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