Earthflower Spirituality

Dark night of soul🌑

The dark night of the soul.

It can happen during a night.

As for me it went for about three months.

It is when the serpent mind comes to test you.

To test your faith and trust in god.

The battle of dark and light.

All of your biggest fears and weaknesses will be tested.

The things you thought you already transformed will come to haunt you.

Especially during the night in solitude, this serpent voice will be heard.

The voice of terror, the voice of ego.

It will ask you, “Did you really get it, or did you make it all up” “Now, where is this god of yours ?” “You made it up !”, it will say.

There will come moments when you start believing it’s words and acting out strangely, as the tests that are coming might feel so intense.

But this is your pinnacle moment, as this is Consciousness itself peeling all the layers of who you are not.

This is your chance to surrender all to grace, to let go of all that doesn’t serve you anymore, to merge fully into grace, to reach nirvana.

As you are closer than your mind makes you think.

You are at the peek of liberation.

You are just arriving home, in the garage one can say.

Stay Put.

With grace on your side, one could be walking in the shadows of darkness and death, but fear no evil, as grace light is always on you and it will set you free.

And so it is.

Trust, Faith, Love.

You will reach the door home.

In truth you are always home.


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