Earthflower Spirituality

Be your Goddess self💛

The Goddess rising movement.

We have been brought up in a society that told us that sex sells.

Looking at tv, internet and the media, the most thing that one sees is the material.

Humans that are using their forms to sell the material.

I was also once one of these humans.

We have been brainwashed and forgot about the internal.

We forgot about our heart.

We forgot about nature.

We have been taught that we are sexual animals and we forgot that we are sensual beings.

We forgot about the true beauty of the formless.

We used our naked bodies for sex and we forgot to use our naked souls for spirituality.

We used our bodies to express our sexuality, yet we forgot to express our sensuality.

We wear less to become naked, yet we forgot about the art of form and nudity.

Sensuality comes from within this inward garden of love.

These are the flowers of Shakti.

We are all these flowers.

It is what our heart is.

It is so pure and natural to express this sensuality.

The sensuality of love.

The sensuality of peace.

The sensuality of light.

The sensuality of words.

The sensuality of form.

The sensuality of freedom.

The sensuality of movements.

The sensuality of purity.

The sensuality of nurturing.

The sensuality of oneness.

The sensuality of being.

It is rising from within us all.

Embrace your sensuality.

Be your Goddess Self.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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