Earthflower Spirituality

Awakened Being✨

The awakened being expresses itself uniquely as consciousness wishes.

It’s identity has no more role.

The awakened being is presence.

The awakened being is one who has discovered its true nature.

The awakened spirit is free but not wild.

The awakened being loves all of life as it is, as deep down it knows it itself is life, and even beyond this life.

The awakened being cares but doesn’t mind.

The awakened being is one who has become a master of its own domain.

Thoughts and sensations may arise in an awakened being space, but the awakened being is one who chooses when it needs thoughts or not.

As it knows that thoughts and sensations are just phenomenon, meaning not permanent, they come and go, as so the awakened one does not identify, it remains boundless from mind.

The awakened being flows through the permanent, in the now, which is presence. 

The awakened being is pure.

The awakened being is humble.

The awakened being does not know anything at all.

The awakened being is empty.

The awakened being is selfless.

The awakened being is open.

The awakened being is compassionate.

The awakened being is joyful.

The awakened being is peaceful.

The awakened being is one.

The awakened being recognizes the light and love within itself as so in all other’s.

The awakened being moves spontaneously and intuitively from heart, within the flow of synchronicity and by noticing the various signs that life grands us.

For the awakened being words that are needed for any moment flows spontaneously from within a deeper space of silence.

These are the words of silence, the wisdom of grace.

As within this form, at this moment consciousness is expressing itself as sweet and sour.

A bit of dark, with a bunch of light.

It is not to offend, but to melt that ego away, which is not you, in service to consciousness, as it wants the light and truth to emerge from within you.

So your super powers can rise.

For the love of transforming.

For the love of oneness.

For the love of freedom.

For the awakening of consciousness on earth.

We are One.

Elaine Prince❤️Om-Namasté🙏

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