Earthflower Spirituality


Who needs praises, one needs liberation.

My path to freedom started as a human, confused, low-self esteem, delusional, fake, masked up, with doubts and fears.

The day I sought to leave my past life was the day my mind was so full, that even suicidal thoughts that I had during my teens came back, I was 29, and as I was sitting in a clinic, I decided its time to leave this fool behind.

An inner divine pull came from within me and it took me on a self realization ride, I started to take my mask’s off one by one, by being fully as I am.

Showing my darkness was challenging, as I was always within my self, within my mind, in shame of my own journey.

Through meditation an inner shift happened and I decided to be as I am, I opened my Instagram account to the public and I started to share my true life stories.

To enlighten, to heal, to awaken consciousness, by living life as my unique self through grace’s light, wisdom, love and courage.

The last question I had before I completely died into my unborn self was, who created god ?

This was the question to my freedom.

Give thanks and praises to the most high.


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