Earthflower Spirituality

Be Free💚

Being your raw and authentic self may not get you many friends, but you will find your own inner freedom.

I have discovered, it is better to be walking alone, than to be walking in a crowd full of sheep’s.

You see, not everyone in life will like you and that’s fine.

Because the inner Freedom that one gains here, is not caring what other people think of them.

As an inner self confidence arises out of your own love.

You see, people really like you to be as they are, only the ones who found themselves also encourages you to look within and find your true self.

Before this world got to you made you forget.

Because it is the most liberating thing.

I remember I had this voice in my head, what will they think of me, will they find me different, will they still like me.

Because I’ve been judged in the past by others, who told me, this is the way a yoga teacher should behave.

But as one awakens to the truth of who they are, which is that we are consciousness expressing life on earth, this human fear of what will they think of me, will completely vanish.

You know why, because it doesn’t really exist.

We have been programmed by the society, culture and our upbringing, which created conditions and habits out of us.

We start to wear masks in front of others in the fear of not being accepted.

It is until one discovers their own truth, one will accept their bountiful self and ones masks will start to fall off, spontaneously.

As you start to fully embody consciousness, the highest perspective on life is now being revealed within your heart and through your eyes, words and actions.

Earth is our magical playground, play, create your own roadshow.

Find out who is the unchanging one appearing as the changing.

Be Free.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté🙏

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