Earthflower Spirituality

Prioritize Truth🙏

As you are discovering your Buddha, Krishna or Christ nature, everything will come to distract you.

Yet at the same time greater forces are working for you.

Honor your space.

Let go of the noises.

Connect with souls who uplift you.

Use your ears for enlightenment.

Use your sight for awakening.

Use your voice for empowerment.

Use your stillness for wisdom.

Use your talents for joy.

Use your silence for peace.

Use your light for compassion.

Use your courage for oneness.

Use your actions for love.

Use your time to discover the timelessness.

This timeless pleasure.

As all these richness which money can’t buy are already dwelled inside your heart.

As the coming of Christ, Buddha or Krishna can only appear through you, as being.

This is your golden age.

Prioritize Truth.

Raise your consciousness vibration.


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