Earthflower Spirituality

Flight into the Now💚

Open your heart to the now.

Our human habit is to control life, to wait for a better moment, or to plan for the future, we say next time, it is like we want to become our own authority figures.

We say no to life, while missing out on what life has to offer right now.

Whilst nothing the way our minds imagine transpires the way it imagines. 

So why not let go, just be and let life surprise you, as we really don’t know if our tomorrow’s are secured, only this now is what we really have.

All is right here, only mind exist in future, a future that none is able to really foretell, but our true nature resides in now.

As this now is not time, this now is timeless.

It is here where life is unfolding naturally and spontaneously without any hindering.

It is here where possibilities are endless.

It is here where pure joy and love resides.

It is here where trust, faith and peace flows.

It is here where freedom lives.

It is here where truth abides.

It is here where life becomes harmoniously. 

Take a flight into the now, I will meet you here.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté🙏

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