Earthflower Spirituality

The unstained love💜

True connections are not only of the physical. 

The physical connection is one type of connection on this earthly plane, but a soul connection is an entirely different one.

One does not need to see, touch or even communicate, to be able to feel the love for one-another.

As love and oneness is what this silence is. 

A deeper connection resides here, one beyond time, change, lost and gain, one that is timeless, one of the formless, which connects souls directly.

As the only eyes needed to see here, is the inner eye. Which is the eye of truth.

With this eye all remains unblemished.

It is the recognition of being fully connected by soul.

A greater depth of bliss resides here.

A voice of romance that one can only hear through ones heart.

As this silence is what love truly is. 

It is the unstained love.

Elaine Prince💜Om-Namasté🙏


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