Earthflower Spirituality

Source is One🙏

The most beautiful thing in awakening into the truth of who you are, is that the Love within you will always prevail.

My own inner discovery has shown me that emotions such as anger, sadness, confusions, doubts, insecurities, fears, resistance, projected by the ego mind, which creates the sense of duality within and without us, are only temporarily but not permanent.

They are just sensations passing through us, like clouds, they all come and go.

Yet, they have become unwelcomed visitors in my space. I choose to discern them, by not identifying with the negative thoughts nor emotions, I choose not to give them any attention.

I have discovered that to identify one becomes identified. Which becomes an experience or your own suffering, created by these believes of self-identification.

So, I just feel the emotions and witness the thoughts as they pass by, but I do not identify nor judge them.

Rather, I stay detached from them, I let life unfold spontaneously as it wishes, without interpreting, fighting or controlling, I stay with faith and trust in life, emersed in satsang.

Even when identification happens, because it can happen with strong old unconscious bad habits, that needs our attention for transcendence.

The identification itself is perceived through pure awareness, which is a much higher seeing place, one that does not judge.

I have noticed through the practice of self inquiry, ego loses its power, miraculously, as identification have become significantly less.

The old regime of negative thoughts, no longer comes to visit, because there is no identity to play with.

This creates space, as these days, most moments consists of total quietness and harmony.

Through awareness all becomes so clear and a deeper inner intuitive and knowingness arises of who one truly is.

The inner love, compassion, peace, light, joy and wisdom that is beaming from within us will always win.

It is the most highest and purest vibration, it is us.

It covers all the illusions, it wipes these seeds away, and the only thing left is this inner silence, contentment and neutrality, this consistent truth, that we are light, we are one, One Love.

Source is One.


Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté🙏


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