Earthflower Spirituality

Be Bliss💛

Discovering your true potential.

We are all divine actors in this play called life.

It does not matter what color skin you have, your features, which degree you have, how much money you have or where you are in life.

What matters is that when we wake up each morning, we are really awake !

Meaning consciously awake.

As soon as ones eyes open, one knows one has awaken back into this magical matrix.

Here one is able to experience, express and perceive all manifestations. 

What a magical plane. 

Looking at all of life from this matrix view, noticing at each moment that we are truly one.

One beyond all man made thoughts and concepts.

A tree which expands and is rooted beyond this universe.

An unlimited presence that fills all spaces.

All is so beautifully orchestrated just for our enjoyment. 

Be bliss.

Be the Self.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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