Earthflower Spirituality

Be the Consciousness self💙

Transcending pride into compassion.

Compassion starts with me.

One has to have this compassion for oneself and ones own journey.

To not be hard on oneself.

But to see life as a school, where we can learn and grow and our emotions, experiences and relationships as our teachers.

Even greater than our teachers to see our reflection within all meetings of souls, here we are able to not only transform our pride into compassion, but help transform the other souls as well.

There is great power in this, as ones light becomes the beacon that can help transcend other lives.

Compassion resides within being, the detached entity one can say.

The one who sees life as a student/teacher, the non-judgmental self, as the Consciousness one who sees in all situations opportunities for soul growth.

Here without any effort, the feeling of compassion will arise.

But for the identified personality it can only act as pride as its entity is of ego, this one sees through the eyes of separation, a state of duality.

The I am better, I know more, I can do all by myself, I have distrust, I am afraid, I am an outsider, what we can call, the conditioned state.

A false state created by our upbringing, surroundings, culture background, past experiences, the collective unconsciousness and the identified thoughts we believe to be our own.

This is a state of fear, which limits us into finding our own freedom.

To let go of this ego pride, one has to learn to say yes to life.

To say yes to whatever form life is taking at the moment.

As all that is happening at the moment is all there is, as life is this moment, as the universe is acting out within the abundant present moment through all of life.

Nothing can happen in life without the force of consciousness, as itself is life.

To accept this form as it is, it can be any situation, person, the weather, anything that arrives in the moment, without judging the moment, or thinking of it as a means to an end.

By being fully present within the moment, one is trusting and accepting the path of the universe as it is.

As the space of the non-identified one, non-duality, the non-judger, the student/teacher, the listener, the observer, the humble being.

Here all arises through love, and out of love comes understanding and out of understanding comes compassion, and out of compassion comes oneness.

Be the Consciousness Self.


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