Earthflower Poetry

In my mystic self🌸

You will find me amongst the flowers. Under the sun. Climbing the tree’s. Walking barefoot on the grasslands.  Running freely. Laughing joyfully.  Laying peacefully. Counting the stars. Planting the seeds. Eating the fruits and the plants. Feeling the land. Playing with the animals. Watching the birds dance. Singing and dancing to the mystical ones. Loving…… Continue reading In my mystic self🌸

Earthflower Poetry

Transforming into a butterfly💚

Consciousness is expanding from within itself. It is taking its own drive. Some days it is expressive. Other days it is still. Some days it connects. Other days it withdraws.  Some days it shares. Other days it observes. Some days it sees all of life as it is living on organic lsd. Other days it…… Continue reading Transforming into a butterfly💚

Earthflower Poetry

The view of consciousness💚

Rooted in presence. Here is where the magic is created and where the magician transforms lives.  All is so vivacious here. The space is limitless.  Energy is in its purest form.  The air is so fresh. Each breath is of love. Each deed is in peace. Each vision is of oneness. The creations are endless.…… Continue reading The view of consciousness💚

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The Cacao Experience💚

The Cacao Experience. What a magical tree this one. We were all dressed in white or in earthy colors for this ceremony. On a glorious mountain in the jungles of Costa Rica we were all awaiting the harmonious vibrations of the plant Cacao. In a group of 15 beings, we sat down in a circle.…… Continue reading The Cacao Experience💚