Earthflower Spirituality

Be the bare self💙

Doubt likes to knock on my door, seeing if someone is home to answer its call.

It usually tries to visit when something of great importance is about to happen.

Creating a somewhat anxiety or fear around making a big move.

Moving from different illusionary scenarios within ones mind.

Doubt is ego’s way of saying that things can go wrong, so you better be prepared.

It makes you feel powerless or hopeless. 

But who is the one identifying with doubts troubles ? 

Who is the one answering doubts calls ?

As it can only be the person who believes in doubts false words.

Be the one who is free of doubts entrapments. 

Be the one who is able to observe doubts tendencies. 

Be the one residing within the now of life.

Be the bare self.

Elaine Prince 💙 Om-Namasté 

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